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  Gerald Karl Helleiner  
Photo Credit: UN Photo Library

Gerald Karl Helleiner (1936- ) is a distinguished economist whose career has been devoted to research, teaching, and advisory work about development, especially in Africa. He has been chairman of the North-South Institute, leader of the IDRC Mission on Economic Policy in a Post-Apartheid South Africa, and member of the UN Committee for Development Planning, the Secretary-General’s Advisory Group on Financial Flows for Africa, and UNCTAD’s Expert Group on Economic Group on Economic Cooperation among Developing Countries. He was born in Austria and is a naturalized Canadian citizen, who was educated at the University of Toronto and Yale University. He is currently professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. He is a member of the Executive Board of the African Capacity-Building Foundation in Zimbabwe, and of the Board of Trustees for the Economic and Social Research Foundation of Tanzania. His many books include Poverty, Prosperity and the World Economy: Essays in Memory of Sidney Dell; The New Global Economy and the Developing Countries: Essays in International Economics and Development; and The IMF and Africa.


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